Crested Butte Elopement Guide

Crested Butte is a small mountain town with a big heart for adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, it’s the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic and secluded place to exchange their vows. Here’s everything you need to know about planning an elopement in Crested Butte!

Key Takeaways

  • Eloping in Crested Butte provides a variety of beautiful scenery and activities to complement your wedding day. From aspen groves and wildflowers to alpine lakes and hidden gems, this quintessential Colorado mountain town has something unique for everyone.
  • The process to elope in Crested Butte is streamlined. Between the paperwork and permits to accommodations and vendors to work with – the hardest part is deciding how you want to celebrate!

Reasons To Elope In Crested Butte

Stunning Natural Beauty

Crested Butte is home to picturesque mountains, lush forests, aspen groves and stunning lakes, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate elopement celebration. No matter the time of year, you can expect natural beauty all around you.

Adventure Opportunities

From hiking, biking, and skiing in the summer and winter to rafting, kayaking, and fishing, Crested Butte offers a wide range of adventure activities for couples looking to add a touch of excitement to their elopement. Be sure to bring enough water and snacks so you don’t have to worry about getting back to civilization.

Privacy & Seclusion

With its remote location, Crested Butte offers plenty of opportunities for privacy and seclusion, perfect for couples who want to keep their elopement ceremony intimate and private. Adding a good for off-roading vehicle with high ground clearance would elevate that solidarity to greater heights (literally and figuratively).

Tranquil Atmosphere

Crested Butte is a peaceful and quiet town with a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There’s something to be said about the awe inspiring peace you experience once you get into the back-country – especially for sunrise or sunset!

Activities & Events In Crested Butte

If you’re interested in a hiking elopement, check out this helpful guide I wrote.

Tips For Eloping In Crested Butte

Pick A Weekday

If you’re looking for flexibility, time, and privacy during your elopement in Crested Butte, I recommend considering a weekday. The town can get quite busy with visitors and events throughout the year, and eloping on a weekday can help you avoid crowds. If a weekday isn’t possible, another option is to plan your elopement for sunrise or sunset when the area is less crowded and more secluded.

Sunrise vs. Sunset

Eloping at sunrise offers a private and magical start to your big celebration. With the potential for stunning lighting, you’ll be able to say your vows in the most popular locations without the crowds.

Eloping at sunset offers the same benefits as sunrise but with a little extra sleep. Opt for western-facing locations and remote regions for added privacy while you soak in the magic of a glowing sunset transition.

Be Spontaneous

You’ve already chosen the unconventional route. Being spontaneous with the flow of your day can also make it more memorable, unique, and special, and a great way to start a lifetime of adventure together. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path and get a little dirty!

Top Places To Elope In Crested Butte

These locations in Crested Butte are beautiful, but there’s also plenty of hidden gems off the beaten path. Hiring a photographer familiar with the area can make your experience one of a kind!

Crested Butte Marriage License & Permits

If you’re looking to tie the knot in Crested Butte, visit the Gunnison County Clerk & Recorders Office to get your marriage license situated. Applications are now by appointment only at the Black Stock Government Building so be sure to plan accordingly.

Permit requirements may vary based on your specific location and plans. It’s best to check in with the Gunnison Ranger District to ensure you have all the necessary approvals and follow any steps needed. Keep in mind that reserving a specific location in National Forests and Wilderness areas is not always possible or necessary. If you’re looking to reserve a location and have the flexibility to accommodate larger group sizes, a wedding venue like Mountain Wedding Garden or Rocky Mountain Biological Center may be a great alternative.

How To Leave No Trace In Crested Butte

 It’s essential to follow Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the natural landscape for future memories! This will help ensure that the landscape remains unspoiled for your anniversary and future visits. Some examples of how to follow these principles include:

  • Plan for unpredictable weather by bringing layers, and umbrellas etc.
  • Give wildlife space and avoid approaching them too closely.
  • Avoid using items that may cause a fire, such as sparklers or smoke bombs.
  • Protect the delicate landscape by staying on designated trails.
  • Leave any natural items found on the trail; avoid taking them as souvenirs.
  • Avoid using natural items like rice or flower pedals not natural to the area.
  • Be mindful of other visitors and refrain from loud music and noise.

Where To Celebrate After Your Crested Butte Elopement

  • Paradise Cafe for a cozy vibe with a diverse menu for breakfast and lunch, including huevos rancheros and Maui pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, and soups. Sip on a coffee, or enjoy a full bar selection while taking in a beautiful view from their patio during the summer months.
  • Secret Stash Pizza for an eclectic vibe that serves up gourmet pizzas with an extensive list of toppings. Pair that with a local beer or a fresh cocktail and figure out the “secret.”
  • Pitas in Paradise for a relaxed atmosphere with a sports bar bonus. They have a wide array of traditional cuisines, such as Greek and Mediterranean food with vegan and vegetarian options, as well as some of the best lamb sliders, rice bowls, greek salads, and gyros.
  • Bonez Tequila Bar & Grill for a simple yet distinctive menu of Mexican cuisine. With a visually stimulating environment, the art and interior design are influenced and inspired by colorful and friendly Mexican folk art, celebrating Dia De Los Muertos’ culture and history.
  • The Wooden Nickel for a steakhouse with a rich history. Dating back to the mining era of the Rocky Mountains, this spot gives you a feel for the old wild west with a few modern twists.
  • The Slogar Bar & Restaurant for prix fixe, 3-course family style meals including skillet-fried chicken and grilled steak options. The 1880’s Victorian building creates a novel atmosphere filled with ghost stories still shared today.
  • Montanya Rum Distillers for a unique opportunity to explore the craft of rum-making in the Rocky Mountains. Take a tour of their distillery to learn about the process, then head to their rum bar in downtown Crested Butte, just 2 miles away, to sample their cocktails and bar food.
  • The Dogwood for the chance to step back in time and raise a glass at a rustic cabin hideaway. From contemporary classics to original creations, they’ve got a drink for every taste bud. Looking for a night of sipping, savoring, socializing, and lite bites? This is the spot.
  • Izakaya Cabin for a laid-back atmosphere to unwind and indulge in delicious drinks and sushi. With a vibe akin to a British pub or American tavern, an izakaya celebrates its Japanese heritage and is a perfect place to let loose and have a good time.
  • Elk Ave Prime for a lovely dinner with the finest cuts of meat. Indulge in hand-carved Prime, Wagyu, Colorado lamb, Elk, and Buffalo, as well as fresh seafood and farm-to-restaurant salads.
  • Soupcon is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. The restaurant boasts a beautiful ambiance reminiscent of a mining cabin and serves a blend of French and American cuisine. Enjoy a formal dining experience in a warm, cozy setting and enjoy their award-winning wine selection.

Looking For A Crested Butte Elopement Photographer?

As an Elopement Photographer my goal is to have you look back on your day and feel what it was like to be there; to create a lasting emotion that resurfaces every-time you want to relive this chapter of your lives.

I would love to learn about your story and help co-create your wedding experience in the rockies. Check out my packages page & elopement guide to help you get started!