About Ethan James Rivera

Photographer Ethan James Rivera

I believe in the power of intentional living

Let’s slow it down…we’re living in an information rich and time poor society. For many of us, nature has been the outlet in our lives with its ability to slow things down and be present. Our worries tend to dissolve after a soul charging experience!

(I’m sure you can recall a moment like that without hesitation).

Photography has been a part of my life for the last 10 years, taking me all the way back to my days working at Disney and Apple where I learned about the magic of storytelling. It was the vehicle to so many adventures over the years, but as time went on I came to learn that the fuel needed to keep that spark going was found in the mountains – and in a connection to nature.

Yosemite National Park 2016 By Ethan James Rivera

Has nature ever shook your soul?

I still remember cresting over the mountains while driving into Yosemite National Park back in 2016. Dumbstruck by the magnitude of my ignorance, I couldn’t believe it – the magic and sheer awe of the landscape was dreamlike, but so real.

Chicago Skyline By Ethan James Rivera

originally from the midwest

The idea of the natural world being so awe inspiring was a foreign idea to me. Who woulda thought, my first trip to a National Park would hit me like a landslide?

Yosemite National Park 2016 By Ethan James Rivera

MY time in yosemite left me speechless

The kind of speechless that moves you to leave behind the 9-5 life and move across the country to start a new life near the mountains.

I chose colorado for so many reasons

Not far from the urban areas lay backcountry roads, scenic byways and the winding trails where natural treasures of Colorado truly flourish. A stark contrast from Chicago – where the only peaks I was used to were skyscrapers.

MY work & Style

is the opportunity to live in the present while also preserving a moment in time. To share that love and passion with anyone interested in the outdoors is something that just feels, natural.

Since taking that leap of faith I’ve learned a few things over the years

  • Living in a “you should do this” society has a funny way of silencing that gut feeling that’s been trying to guide you your whole life.
  • Nature has better connection than WiFi ever will.
  • There’s no road map to life, no cheatsheet, no how-to, but there are connections to be made, experiences to learn from, and a whole lot nature to love.

10+ Years Of Photography Experience

150+ Trails Explored

1,100+ Miles Hiked

Some Quick Facts

I live near Denver, Colorado

with my cat Shaggy and partner Victoria. Every winter we take awkward family photos. Challenging, ridiculous, and super rewarding haha.

I absolutely love being in the outdoors

I’m an adventure seeker at heart! Whether it be an early sunrise or a multi day backpacking trip, you can be sure to find me with a camera capturing life. Check out some of my recent adventures on Instagram!

I’m a bit of a nature nerd

and totally stoked about it! I love learning about the environment I consider my “office”. Expect to hear some dad facts or me just simply geeking out at the beauty all around!

My work philosophy

I like to take my work serious, but myself not so much. Lets plan out something epic!

Ethan James Rivera | Colorado Elopement Photographer

As an Elopement Photographer my goal is to have you look back on your day and feel what it was like to be there; to create a lasting emotion that resurfaces every-time you want to relive this chapter of your lives.

I would love to learn about your story and help co-create your wedding experience in the rockies. Check out my packages page & elopement guide to help you get started!