Adventure Engagement Sessions Guide

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

With so much excitement and so many unknowns it can be overwhelming on where to start your wedding journey. Some couples choose to have a traditional engagement session, while others get a little creative with adventure engagements sessions. If you’re considering one this guide has some helpful information for your planning and research!

Key Takeaways

  • An engagement session gives couples the opportunity to work with a photographer before their wedding day, helping them get comfortable in front of the camera. This could lead to more relaxed and natural moments captured on your wedding day should they want to hire that same photographer for their wedding day!
  • Engaged couples can match their personality and hobbies with a backdrop that compliments them, giving them the chance to create meaningful photographs that celebrates this time in their lives. The moments captured could be used for for save-the-date cards, wedding websites, or as wedding reception décor.

What Is An Adventure Engagement Session?

An adventure engagement session is a photoshoot that celebrates and highlights the recents news of your soon to be wedding. The adventure side of it is the chance to bring that celebration with you to the great outdoors!

Do I Use The Same Photographer For My Wedding Day?

Technically you don’t have to, but a lot of the value associated with getting engagement photos is to work with same photographer because trust has been established. They have a better idea of your relationship, personality, visions and expectations!

Reasons to consider an adventure engagement session

1. Get To Know Your Photographer

Photographer’s wear more than one hat when you look at the entire experience of an adventure engagement session from initial contact to final delivery. Before the big day, engagement photographs are a great way to get to know your photographer and establish a relationship. An adventure engagement session could help with your comfort in front of the camera and helps the photographer know your preferences and style.

2. Get Some Practice In

Engagement photographs allow you to practice posing and being at ease in front of the camera. An engagement shoot could help you feel more comfortable on your wedding day while capturing some beautiful photos.

3. Adventure Engagement Photo Uses

From wedding details to gifts – your engagement photos can be used in a variety of ways: Save-the-dates, wedding invites, gifts for family members, displays at home, or even a guest book.

4. It Reflects A Moment Of Your Lives

Engagement photographs capture a significant chapter of life and are a reminder of your love and dedication to one another. It’s the chance for you and your loved one to spend time together and celebrate your love in a way that makes your actual wedding day so much more real.

How Long Is An Adventure Engagement Session?

1-2 hours is normally a good amount of time to capture an adventure engagement session. Depending on the location/activity, an adventure engagement session could be longer, but normally a big adventure is saved for an intimate wedding or an adventure elopement.

How Many Photos Do I Get From An Adventure Engagement Session?

This will vary depending on the photographer, normally I average a minimum of 25 images per hour for an adventure engagement session. Other factors to consider are the location(s) and activity, etc.

Ethan James Rivera | Colorado Elopement Photographer

As an Elopement Photographer my goal is to have you look back on your day and feel what it was like to be there; to create a lasting emotion that resurfaces every-time you want to relive this chapter of your lives.

I would love to learn about your story and help co-create your wedding experience in the rockies. Check out my packages page & elopement guide to help you get started!


  1. Love these tips!! I wish more couples opted for adventurous engagement sessions. It’s such a good way to connect with your photographer and have photos with a completely different vibe from wedding photos. Your work is beautiful!!

  2. This post is so helpful Ethan! Especially the tip about how to use these photos in the wedding details! I love to see couples that take advantage of having all the perks of an engagement session by turning it into an adventure they will always remember.

  3. Great tips!! I love how Adventure Engagement sessions are so much more relaxed than a traditional wedding day. Thanks for sharing, Ethan!

  4. Adventure engagement sessions are the best! Also, super helpful looking forward the wedding day to know what you can expect, and you did such a great job explaining it all! :))

  5. What a great guide for couples interested in adventure engagement sessions! They are so fun and such a great way to get to know your photographer, like you said!

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