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Helping carefree couples plan adventurous elopements in nature and capture the love that brought them together

couple dancing during this autumn elopement in Colorado

Your story is a wild one…

…And this new chapter is no different. Your love craves adventure, not production. What better way to celebrate that love than in the natural world among sky-scraping peaks and alpine lakes. A place that won’t have any WiFi, but a connection far greater.

Eloping presents the opportunity to shift the focus back to you, your love, your story. It’s the chance to trade in expectations of you for authenticity from you.

As an Elopement Photographer I specialize in helping couples like pioneer something different, something unique and something that’s true to your love.

How I help couples trailblaze their non-traditional wedding





These are all important aspects to planning something off the beaten path so that when your day arrives you can focus on…


What everyone wants.

What so few get.

When we’re present, the worries fade and the details demanding our attention slip away. We focus on one thing: Love. It’s your day, give yourself the permission to embrace your quirks, and laugh along the way

couple saying their vows during their winter elopement near breckenridge
couple eloping at sunrise in Colorado

So lets slow it down…

Because when you do, you begin to notice more of the details to your story. This chapter is no different from the others. Sure there’s a ton of distractions and expectations of you, but when you follow your heart you can’t help but feel this gentle guidance to focus on what matters most – your love.

Take a moment to consider this – Would you rather be focused on the needs of hundreds of guests or on the one person who you’re about to start the big adventure with?

About Ethan James Rivera

Behind the lens –––

As an outdoor lover, I often find my time in nature to be some of the most meaningful moments life has to offer, but that wasn’t always the case.

When I went to my first National Park back in 2016, I felt lost and slightly overwhelmed on how to best navigate the vast land. So I found the nearest hike – Four Mile Trail – and began the ascent with some tennis shoes on. Turns out it was in fact 9.2 miles and a whopping 3,000+ft elevation gain. Exhausted, dehydrated and at the verge of passing out, I was greeted with one of the most incredible views I had ever witnessed. Bittersweet was an understatement to say the least.

Since those early days of exploring I began a journey of many years where I longed to understand and discover more of what this beautiful world has to offer – and how to best capture it. As the years went by, my understanding of the landscape shifted with a deep love and respect towards our natural world.

To share that love with couples looking to elope – whether you’re newcomers to the outdoors or veterans who have slept more times under the stars than in your own beds – is what fuels my inspiration.

My goal as an elopement photographer is to show you a world where you can ditch the template and write your own story, laugh at the plot twists, relish the cheesy moments and remember the spark that brought you both together.

Nature Advocate
Adventure Seeker
Minority Owned

landscape photo with Leave No Trace Aware Badge overlayed on image

Paying it forward – one hike at a time

Whether you’re ur new to nature or have more miles on your boots than your car’s odometer, there’s always room to learn, grow and give back. That’s why in addition to being a Leave No Trace Aware Photographer, I volunteer my time with the Headwaters Trails Alliance & USDA Forest Service to maintain one of the many beautiful trails Colorado has to offer.

If we work together, I promise to capture epic moments of your day in a less impactful way to help keep nature wild and protect the natural beauty of this planet, why you ask?

Not only does following the LNT ethics helps preserve outdoor spaces and our access to them, but also by making sure that we use them sustainability and responsibly–so that you can return to whatever location you choose to have a vow renewal or anniversary session and still have it be as pristine as the day that you got married.

snow filled morning as couple elopes at loveland pass

I would love to hear from you

Everyone has a story to share, I’m excited to learn about yours and how to best capture this exciting chapter. You can also reach me directly at