Colorado Elopement Photographer

Helping couples create unforgettable elopement experiences in the great outdoors

Your story is a wild one…

…And this new chapter is no different. Your love craves adventure, not production. It belongs in the natural world among sky-scraping peaks and alpine lakes. There won’t be any WiFi, but I promise you’ll find a better connection.

My goal as a photographer and guide is to show you a world where you can write your own story, laugh at the plot twists, relish the cheesy moments and remember the spark that brought you both together.

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What everyone wants. What so few get.

If you asked a thousand different couples what they want on their wedding day, you would get a thousand different answers. But all of those couples have one thing in common: the desire to be present. 

When we’re present, the worries fade and the details demanding our attention slip away. We focus on one thing: Love. It’s your day, would you rather be focused on the needs of hundreds of guests or on the one person who you are binding your life to?

Slow it down…

The earth is moving at 1,000 miles per hour through space. Our lifestyle feels like it’s moving even faster than that – and we’re not slowing down any time soon (Got the spins? I know I do).

What happens when we slow our steps down and walk on our own terms?

We begin to notice more of the details to our story. This chapter is no different from the others. Sure there’s a ton of distractions and expectations of you, but when you follow your heart you can’t help but feel this gentle guidance to focus on what matters most – your love.


“His photographs were stunning and they speak for themselves, but his attention to detail did not stop at this photography. When we got to the location, we were surprised to find 2 other weddings setting up at the same location, but Ethan had staked out the place and had a plan B (actually, plan C) and was able to find a beautiful location away from the other weddings. He was able to provide enough direction so that no one looked awkward, but also enough freedom for some great candid shots with none of them looking overly staged and stuffy. He was fun and engaging and even had some interesting facts about the location which made it feel more like a fun tour and made us all forget about the cold. I would highly recommend him!”

– Sylwia + Deep

“Highly Recommend! Ethan took care of the permitting, logistics, and captured the most beautiful memories. Due to his extensive outdoor background we even stumbled across a heard of moose that seemed to pose just for us. After interviewing what seemed to be a lot of “hobbyists” instead of professionals, we chose Ethan for his extensive knowledge of the area, weather, gear, natural lighting, etc. Ethan was timely in responses and very thorough in planning as we knew nothing of the Colorado area. You only do this one (if you do it right) so make it count!”

– Julie + Cody

“Ethan was a pleasure to work with! He was great with communication and made sure everyone was on the same page! When we got to the shoot in the morning he was very personable and made everyone feel comfortable! Afterwards, he got the pictures back to us in no time at all and they looked absolutely amazing! I would definitely recommend Ethan for anyone looking for a great adventure elopement photographer!”

– Aspen + Jacob

About Ethan James Rivera

Where passion meets purpose

While my passion for photography runs deep, my purpose can be found in nature, where I feel most alive.

To share that love and respect with couples as they start a new life together – whether you’re newcomers to the outdoors or veterans who have slept more times under the stars than in your own beds – is what fuels my fire.

If we’re going on an adventure together, you should know more about the guy leading you into the mountains!

Oh and one more thing

I like to give back to nature 🍃

Whether your new nature or have more miles on your boots than your car’s odometer, there’s always room to learn, grow and give back. That’s why in addition to being a Leave No Trace Aware Photographer, I volunteer my time with the Headwaters Trails Alliance & USDA Forest Service to maintain one of the many beautiful trails Colorado has to offer

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This was captured more than 25 yards away with a telephoto lens, cropped and edited. Always make sure to give animals room to move. They don’t want to smell your b.o. just as much as the next hiker. Though mountain goat are notorious for licking helpless hikers if they’re sweating…they want your salt.