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Behind the lens

Ethan James Rivera – Adventure Photographer

As an outdoor lover I’m drawn to the idea of discovering the unknown, but that wasn’t always the case.

When I went to my first National Park back in 2016, I felt lost and slightly overwhelmed on how to best navigate the vast land. So I found the nearest hike – Four Mile Trail – and began the ascent with some tennis shoes on. Turns out it was in fact 9.2 miles and a whopping 3,000+ft elevation gain. Exhausted, dehydrated and at the verge of passing out, I was greeted with one of the most incredible views I had ever witnessed. Bittersweet was an understatement to say the least.

Since those early days of exploring I began a journey of many years where I longed to understand and discover more of what this beautiful world has to offer – and how to best plan it. This isn’t your typical travel and adventure blog. As an Adventure Photographer I’m here to help you plan your next trip, feel inspired, capture that photo you’ve always wanted, experience the elopement of your dreams and embrace this beautiful world!

Paying it forward ?

Whether your new nature or have more miles on your boots than your car’s odometer, there’s always room to learn, grow and give back. That’s why in addition to being Leave No Trace certified, I volunteer my time with the Headwaters Trails Alliance & USDA Forest Service to maintain one of the many beautiful trails Colorado has to offer.

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