Sylwia & Deep’s Mountain Pass Elopement

Picture this, you’re out exploring the great outdoors with your fiance and while summiting a mountain you discover this lake in the far distance that would later become the location of your wedding day in Colorado. This wasn’t something out of a movie, but the foundation of Sylwia & Deep’s mountain pass elopement!

When the world shut down in 2020 Sylwia and Deep got creative with the postponement of their traditional wedding. Rather than waiting a year, they chose to celebrate their day of marriage at the very lake they found on their adventure prior.

With immediate family flying in from Chicago, they wanted to be conscious of elevation gain. Fortunately, this mountain pass was in an accessible area with minimal elevation gain and 360° panoramic views. On their day we explored the stunning lakes with mountains all around. After discovering their ceremony location we layered up as the mountain next to us began to cast a shadow, hinting at the early evening.

After their ceremony they explored on their own to absorb the moment while taking in some of the most breathtaking views as golden hour started its jam. With fizzy juice toasts & cotton candy skies to wrap-up the evening, these two had an incredible outcome to their story.

Congratulations Sylwia + Deep!

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